coatbridge wedding

Everyone has a first time.....(Jo and Chris Wedding) by Jonathan Sword

Thursday 22nd of September 2016... a day I had both been looking forward to, but was also very nervous about (the sleepless night prior backed this up!).

It was my first ever "full wedding", now I've shot a few evening receptions before, but never the BIG part of the day. As mentioned above I had mixed emotions about the day, the nerves were with me until the first press of the shutter button.. and well then muscle memory kicked in and I realised I'd taken 1000's of portrait photographs, and when it all came down to it Jo and Chris were no different to any other humans I'd photographed (well perhaps the kilt and beautiful wedding dress).

I'd like to thank Jo and Chris for having the faith in me to shoot their wedding. Are there things I'd do differently if shooting it again?.. YES! but far more I'd do the exact same. I am truly glad I waited a few years before shooting a wedding, doing it any sooner than this year wouldn't have produced the same results.. and things will only get better, maybe not easier but like with everything in life, the more you do something, the better you get. 


Congratulations Jo and Chris!