Who needs a headshot? / by Jonathan Sword


Actors? Company Directors? Bloggers?

My answer would be.. YOU!

Your online presence is a huge part of business and personal life in this extremely fast moving world. Just think how quickly you scroll through social media feeds on your phone. You get milliseconds to catch the attention of a potential agent, customer,new employer or even a new partner. So why let a dodgy profile picture be the thing that makes them keep scrolling or swiping? 

You may think that your selfie at the bar,club or in your bathroom is "good enough" but is it really giving the right impression? It may be fun, your perfect angle or show off your new hairstyle but is it going to get you that role,job or even interview?


Professional headshots don't have to be stuffy and can bring out your true personality if done correctly. The classic studio headshot is an amazing way to get the professional, eye catching .. enough to stop and look at your profile shot. And just because it's in a studio doesn't make it boring!

The second choice is a location headshot/portrait that can be shot at your business or outdoors. The images taken at your workplace can really be a great addition to your website or brilliant for a banner etc. 


So to answer the question again, you need a headshot! 

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